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Pelajar Indonesia NTU (PINTU) is an association for Indonesian students in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. PINTU started out as a simple gathering held by a group of Indonesian students who longed to spend time with their fellow countrymen. It was officially founded on 17 August 2002 and has now become one of the most established Indonesian students’ organization in Singapore.

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PINTU was a life-changing experience for all of us. Seeing it from the perspectives as a PINTU member, PINTU committee and externally as PPI Singapura lead me into a conclusion that PINTU is a solid, fun and enhancing community. PINTU welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and smoothly blends everyone into a perfect solid mix. It is awesomely fun with thousands of memories carved forever in our hearts. But most importantly, it changes our view, it prepares you for the future you perceived to be and it grows you up faster than anything you have experience so far.

Agustinus Benyamin Prasetyo

Executive Committee




Executive Committee


icn 5ICN 2014 - Angkara: A Musical

icn 2ICN 2015 - Nilam: A Musical

nirwata-logoICN 2016 -  Nirwata: A Musical

ICN Cultural Production is an annual musical theatre production organized by PINTU. It started out as a humble performance in 2007 for a small audience and has since grown into a musical performed in public theatres in front of thousands of audiences. ICN has explored stories across the Indonesian archipelago – from the revolutionary era to traditional folklores.

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Logo GTD Normal

Get Together Day (GTD) is an annual Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) – a platform to welcome Indonesian freshmen who will pursue their higher education at NTU.

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PINTU has many clubs for the members to express their talents and interests – they cover sports, arts and recreational games. Each club practices regularly and often competes in Singapore-wide competitions organized by other student bodies. To find out more about each PINTU clubs, do not hesitate to contact the club's respective leaders!

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PINTU organizes events for its members to meet up and have fun – it provides the opportunity to unwind and relax in the midst of the busy, academically-rigorous school terms. From the fun, engaging WARPIN (Warung PINTU) to the broad-ranged, skill-based workshop – we have them all! So, what are you waiting for? Join our events now!

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Being more than a multi-function platform for its members, PINTU provides services that caters to various groups of people. For students from various high schools and universities in Indonesia, PINTU offers engagement and visit programs named PINTU Back to School and PINTU Visit respectively. For NTU freshmen, PINTU prepares guides, organizes welcoming committees and holds the annual welcoming event, INDOFRESH. Want to know more about our services?

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Extraordinary life in NTU

PINTU Pengembangan Workshop: How to Talk to Anyone

Can you strike a conversation with anyone? Some 'gifted' people seem to prove that they can.  Seriously, how does one manage to casually talk to just about anyone in the
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ISI 2016 panelists

Indonesia Startup Insight 2016

After a successful event back in 2015, this year ICN collaborates with KinerjaBisa, Thinkfolks and EcoWorld to hold one of the largest startup event in Singapore, Indonesia Startup Insight 2016. This event was held on 4 June 2016 at EcoWorld Gallery in Singapore.
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The Hive building

Jalan Sarjana NTU: Mendaftarkan diri

PINTU melihat semakin banyaknya jumlah mahasiswa Indonesia yang mengambil pendidikan S1 di NTU. Tentu, kamu penasaran kan dengan kehidupan sarjanawan universitas peringkat ke-13 di dunia. Nah, Humas@PINTU memulai serial Jalan Sarjana NTU untuk mengupas lika liku kehidupan mahasiswa S1 NTU. Simak beberapa tulisan sobat PINTU berikut!
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PINTU bertanya, Sale Stock menjawab

Pertanyaan demi pertanyaan diajukan oleh sobat PINTU kepada tim Sale Stock Indonesia setelah mendengar presentasi mengenai perusahaan Sale Stock. Berikut ringkasan sesi tanya jawab hari itu.
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