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Indonesia Startup Insight 2016

Indonesia is a growing market, with more than 70 million active internet users and more than 300 million mobile connections users. Indonesia have one of the most active social media users in the world. There is abundant room for opportunity in Indonesia. Indonesia’s digital economy is still growing and many people have started to look and enter Indonesia market. Tokopedia’s $100 million USD funding was one of the huge driver that leads many other investments in Indonesia. Although the opportunity is huge, but policy and law are still become the main problems of entering Indonesia market. Indonesia ranks 128 in Ease of Doing Business Index, with 1 is the most business friendly and 185 being the least business friendly. Procedure to starting a business is a lengthy one which takes 47 days to complete compares to less than 7 days in Australia and New Zealand.

These problems are the one that we want to tackle by holding this event. There is a need for a platform where startups, mentors, investors and all people who are interested in startups can meet and discuss about how to tackle the problems that we had and capture the opportunity in Indonesia..

Indonesia Startup Insight 2016 consist of 3 main event which is Startup Pitches, where startups were given time to pitch in front of the audiences within 7 minutes’ time. This is an opportunity for them to introduce their concept and value to the audiences. Next, after pitching we have private speed dating session for startups with investors and mentors. Here every startup was given time to talk with mentors and venture capitals to discuss opportunity to become mentor – mentee or funding possibility. For the rest of the audiences, we had 2 panel discussion sessions and 1 expert sharing session where 7 prominent leaders in startup industry shared their experiences in Startup environment.

From this event, we learn that Indonesia has a huge opportunity to tap on. With large population, large mobile penetration and exponential growth in terms of internet user, digital economy in Indonesia has a great opportunity to grow in the coming years.

A group picture taken at the end of Indonesian Startup Insight 2016

A group picture taken at the end of Indonesian Startup Insight 2016

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