About Us

PINTU started out as a simple gathering by a group of Indonesian students who longed to spend time with their fellow countrymen.

Pelajar Indonesia NTU (PINTU) is an association for Indonesian students in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. It was officially founded on 17 August 2002 and has now become one of the most established Indonesian students’ organization in Singapore. It is now run by the 15th executive committees and its members include undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students.

PINTU contributes to the livelihood of students in NTU, both Indonesians and non-Indonesians, by organising various activities and initiatives, as well as taking part in many school-organized activities. Needless to say, PINTU is also an active member of Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Singapura (PPIS) and is acknowleged by the Embassy of the Indonesian Republic in Singapore (KBRI Singapura).


  • To foster a community, based on unity and solidarity, that strives to develop a greater sense of belonging, awareness, and nationalism towards Indonesia.
  • To be a student-run organization which aspires its members to continually and holistically improve themselves.
  • To establish its position as a well-respected institution who gives positive societal impacts by maintaining harmonious relationship with other external bodies.


  • To organize bonding activities and events which allow the members to contribute back to Indonesia, learn more about national heritage, and most importantly to have fun together as one huge family.
  • To run various clubs, platforms, and interest groups that enable the members to discover their talents, indulge in their passions, and continually hone their skills.
  • To forge a close and mutual relationship with external parties such as the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Singapore, other Indonesian communities in Singapore, and administrative bodies of Nanyang Technological University.

Organizational Structure

Top Management

Joshua Martin

Internal Vice President

Solve internal-related problems and supervise Sports & Recreation Division and Professional Development Division

Jason Susanto


Establish annual objectives, lead the whole organization, and supervise ICN Cultural Production and Get Together Day

Christian Yudhistira

External Vice President

Handle external matters and supervise Public Relation Division and PINTU Peduli Division

Jennifer Thomas


Manage administrative matters and supervise PPIT Division and Logistic Division

Eunike Regina Febby


Control the money flow and supervise Welfare Division, Prom Division, and Yearbook Division


Heads of Division

Tania Seena Cahyono

Head of Public Relations

Build diplomatic relationship with other external parties and host insightful talks

Yohanes Nico Pujianto

Head of Art and Culture

Initiate activities that promote appreciation towards Indonesian traditional arts and culture

Joandy Leonata Pratama

Head of Professional Development

Develop the community of PINTU through advancement in interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

Feliciana Natali

Head of Prom

Create a memorable and unforgettable prom night for the graduating seniors

Natasya Adistana

Head of Publicity, Publication and IT

Direct the marketing campaign of most events through social media and provide PPIT-related trainings for interested members

Albert Soerjonoto

Head of Yearbook

Lead the overall design and production of 2015/2016 batch yearbook

Willis Chailim

Head of Sports and Recreation

Liaise with the sport clubs and execute events that foster bonding between members

Eko Edita Limanta

Head of Welfare

Generate income and organize events that improve the well-being of the members

Angelica Halim Lim

Head of Welfare

Generate income and organize events that improve the well-being of the members

Maitri Pangestika

Chairperson of GTD

Formulate a successful and meaningful Freshmen Orientation Camp for the incoming juniors

Maria Irene Inggrid

Chairperson of PINTU Peduli

Coordinate a social service project to help the less fortunate in Indonesia

Sergi Adipraja

Chairperson of PINTU Peduli

Coordinate a social service project to help the less fortunate in Indonesia

PINTU serves as a communication and interaction platform among Indonesian students of NTU. It also tries to widen the knowledge of its members, allow the sharing of experiences and moral values among its members and maintain a sense of belonging to our home country, Indonesia.


Christiandy Franciscus

PINTU had been a place for me to grow, to learn, to express ideas, and to connect with people. It has full range of activities such as welcoming freshmen to have a smooth transition to university life, organizing competitive sport events, introducing Indonesian culture to society, organizing events to support Indonesian students' welfare, reaching out to the villages in Indonesia, and much more. I believe PINTU had been a platform for me to make impact to the society. In the midst of my tough journey in NTU, PINTU was there to encourage me and to balance out my stress. I feel that PINTU is not merely an organization, but it is a community where I could hold on, to achieve my fullest potential in my uni life.

Agustinus Benyamin Prasetyo

PINTU was a life-changing experience for all of us. Seeing it from the perspectives as a PINTU member, PINTU committee and externally as PPI Singapura lead me into a conclusion that PINTU is a solid, fun and enhancing community. PINTU welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and smoothly blends everyone into a perfect solid mix. It is awesomely fun with thousands of memories carved forever in our hearts. But most importantly, it changes our view, it prepares you for the future you perceived to be and it grows you up faster than anything you have experience so far.


PINTU is a place to not only forge lifelong friendships with fellow Indonesians, but also to strive to become the best version of yourself. There are many PINTU activities that allow you to learn new things that you never imagined yourself doing. My university life would not be as fun or fulfilling without PINTU.

Reynard Adrianto

For me, it's a relief that even though we're abroad, through our friends and the PINTU community we are constantly reminded of our Indonesian heritage, practices and humour. PINTU is a community that bonds instantly. It's a family away from home.

Nathasya Michell

Home is not where you live but a place where people understand you. That is why I call PINTU a HOME!