Photography Workshop

Following the success of Photoshop Workshop, PPIT team subsequently conducted a Photography Workshop to further enrich the photography skill of PINTU community.

Besides photography skills, the instructor also shared more about the styles, terms, and the tools needed for different types of photography. Since not everyone has a DSLR camera, PPIT team taught some techniques that can be directly applied using a phone camera (e.g. how to take a good selfie picture). Prior to the event, a survey had been circulated to gain better insights of what the audiences wanted to learn. Because of this, the content of this workshop could be made more apt as per their suggestions.

This workshop received major positive feedback as it provided professional-level helps for those who wished to learn photography in more details.

Students who are skilled in using cameras were also invited to share their knowledge and experience. This workshop was organized for beginners and photography enthusiasts.

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Natasya Adistana

Head of Publicity, Publication and IT